“You’re just going to have to live with it...”

For those suffering from jaw pain, clicking, locking, headaches, and other issues, “just live with it” is often what they have been told.

But, there is an alternative to living with it, pain killers, or corrective surgery.

Focused, integrative TMJ Dysfucntion therapy around the jaw and related muscles can be a very effective alternative. By integrating deep tissue, trigger point, craniosacral and other techniques, I have developed a method of gentle manipulation of the jaw and related muscles to help correct jaw alignment, muscle constriction, and help alleviate pain. 

By integrating these techniques with exercises you can do at home, TMJ dysfunction and the associated pain, clicking, and headaches can be greatly reduced and often eliminated. Visit my TMJD site for more detailed information: TMJD Therapy

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