What started a few years ago as simply as way to learn more about caring for my body and to help my wife Loren’s back issues has led me in an unexpected direction. After thirty years in the tech industry and twenty with one company alone, I’m am excited to announce that I am taking my practice as a massage therapist full-time!!

It has been a fascinating process that has brought me here. When I would give Loren a back rub, she would often say something like, “Wow, that was amazing, you should think about massage school.” And then one Valentine’s Day a few years ago, I borrowed a massage table from a friend and after the day together I told her I had one more surprise planned. She came in to find the table set up and ready. I gave her my first massage on an actual table. At the end she was in a near comatose state of relaxation and didn’t get out of bed until noon the next day. When she did get up, she said, “Yeah… you need to go to massage school.” That was February, by the end of March I was enrolled, and I started that June. 

I only intended on taking the basic Swedish program, but before I had finished the program I was already taking more advanced courses. The deeper I got into the course work, the more fascinated I was with the myriad of ways touch could affect change in the body: relieving pain, correcting posture, calming nerves, and bringing a deep restorative relaxation, just to name a few.

Once I took my first practical exam with the instructor and got the approval to work on people outside of class, I posted on a local Facebook group that I was student looking for practice. Immediately, 40 plus people expressed interest and I worked on about 25 people from that group. The first person I worked on told me it was the best massage she had ever received. Before I had completed my Swedish course I had several five star reviews on my Yelp page. 

As I was going through the advanced program, my plan was to build a small, part-time practice. By the time I completed the program I had decided that I wanted to make a complete career change and focus on bodywork full-time. This past April I rented a beautiful space in La Playa Pilates studio across from the bird refuge and have been working nights and weekends to build my practice. This past week I took the leap and left the company I had been working for for the last two decades, I am excited about what lays ahead.

I would love for you to be part of this journey. Let me show you how the power of touch can change your body, relieve pain, reduce stress, and bring a depth of relaxation you may never experienced before. 

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